Aimee bw short hairAimee M. Cooper, MA, grew up in a small college town in the western United States, and embarked on a long spiritual journey beginning in her mid-20’s, which took her through new age spirituality, mainstream feminism and Evangelical Protestantism, culminating many years later with her conversion to Catholicism. She is the Founder and Director of The Catholic Gospel Project: Evangelization Training and Spiritual Formation in the Catholic Tradition. A graduate of Smith College, she holds a MA in Theology from Denver’s Augustine Institute, from which she graduated class valedictorian. She conducts Catholic Gospel Project talks, classes and trainings in parishes, at the diocesan and seminary levels, conferences, and online. She loves to write and share about things in life and in the news from the perspective of her Catholic Faith and her life’s journey, which is what this blog is for.

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