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Madonna’s Gay Brother Supports Clerk

From the Hollywood Reporter.

“Once again, the gay community feels the need to be sore winners,” writes Christopher Ciccone, who himself is openly gay. My gay brother who died of AIDS felt the same way, feared the push for gay marriage would lead to persecution of Christians. So far, he was right.

Kentucky Clerk Jailed for Refusing to issue Gay Marriage Licenses

We have two different, completely incompatible belief systems in this country now. Where it will all end up, I don’t know.

A Kentucky clerk is jailed for not issuing gay marriage licenses. One thing is for sure, people are fooling themselves if they think Christians will just keel over and comply with this. History is littered with examples of those who tried and failed, from pagan Rome to the defunct USSR – where Orthodox Christianity now surges. And I remember what my gay brother told me not long before he succumbed to AIDS: he had changed his mind on gay marriage and no longer supported it, because he saw exactly this outcome, the persecution of Christians, and feared it.

And he was right. The two positions are completely incompatible with one another, one side saying homosexuality is healthy, normal and natural; the other that it is unhealthy, abnormal, and unnatural. They can’t both be right – and civil disobedience is a part of this nation’s history. Just ask Occupy. The clerk is engaging in a time-honored tradition, and others will soon likely follow her.

The problem is that for those of us who do not believe homosexuality is normal or healthy, it’s not only a matter of not doing something that violates your conscience and endangers your soul. It’s even more about not doing something that endangers another’s soul, and by extension the souls of others around them and the health and welfare of society itself. If you think something is bad for everyone, you fight it! Just ask global warmists, recycling enthusiasts and animal rights activists.

Bottom line is, if you love someone, you can’t condone or participate in what you believe to be very bad for them. That’s how it is for Christians. If Jesus was persecuted and died for us that we may be free, who are we to not suffer persecution and even death – as many millions of Christians before us have – that others may also be free? Who are we to save our own skins, while others are lost? We are environmentalists, too: spiritual environmentalists, because we understand that whatever we do on a spiritual level affects everything else around us, for better or for worse. And we can’t do what we believe is for the worse.


So, we have two different, completely incompatible belief systems in this country now. Where it will all end up, I don’t know. But I do know one thing: this battle has only just begun. The issue is not going away. The only question is, how far will it go, how much will American citizens tolerate, until we find an end to this?

Being sick is a blessing if it makes me slow down, stop, relax, not be so frenetic. Sometimes I really need that in this busy world.

Planned Parenthood and the Selling of Aborted Baby Parts: Is this the kind of world we want to live in?

The most moving part begins around 8:15 when she discusses when she was confronted, on her first day of work, with a freshly-aborted dismembered baby and told to pick up its leg. She passed out.

Sometimes the juxtapositions in the news are stunning. Like today, reading an interview with Camille Paglia – whom I disagree with on many issues but agree with in certain fundamental ways – and she correctly states:

The horrible truth is that the feminist establishment in the U.S., led by Gloria Steinem, did in fact apply a double standard to Bill Clinton’s behavior because he was a Democrat. The Democratic president and administration supported abortion rights, and therefore it didn’t matter what his personal behavior was.

I’ve been saying this for near-on twenty years, ever since my conversion from pro-choice to pro-life. Continue reading “Planned Parenthood and the Selling of Aborted Baby Parts: Is this the kind of world we want to live in?”

A Techno-Moral Insurgency

Hackers break into Planned Parenthood and steal emails, soon to be released!

Prolifers are getting a belly-laugh out of this one.

Now, this is funny. I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s, during the time of the so-called “Sexual Revolution,” in which traditional sexual morality was thrown out and new “freedoms” asserted (never mind, for the moment, the tremendous costs of those “freedoms” – which I got caught up in for a time, too). I might call it the “Immoral Revolution,” in which to be “sexually liberated” was counter-cultural, freeing, and, well, cool. Virginity was out, experimentation was in, all enabled by the Pill in the 60’s and legalized abortion in the 70’s.

And now it’s mainstream, become the dominant culture, with, like I said, very high costs, obvious to anyone actually paying attention.

So now there’s what I might call a “Moral Insurgency,” a counter-cultural movement of those fed up with the increasingly disgusting practices of the dominant culture. Only it’s a dvdextra-rogers-astairextechno-moral insurgency, to my delight embracing the technological tools of digital insurgency to expose the hypocrisy of one of the biggest purveyors of dominant culture, Planned Parenthood. It seems hackers broke in and stole a of bunch of their emails, soon to be released.

I can’t wait. And I am very amused to see this turn-about. Congrats to the techo-moral insurgents! You make me want to dance a little jig! Here’s to life, large and small, old and young, born and unborn! May the truth come out!

Opposition to Gay Marriage: Bigotry, or Love?

Those of us who are opposed to gay marriage are being dismissed as bigots by those who support gay marriage, considered the equivalent of racists.

A difficult conundrum for people of faith who genuinely love their gay friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors, but who also have to stand by their moral convictions.

But are we? A bigot is one who is absolutely intolerant of other beliefs or groups, in a judgmental and hateful way, convinced of their own rightness and of other’s wrongness and inferiority. And certainly Christians can also be bigots. But not all, or even most, in my experience.

A Christian simply doesn’t want another person to be spiritually harmed, wants them to be healed, touched by God, know His great love for them, and thus enabled by Him to change and live up to their full human potential in the image and likeness of God. That’s not bigotry, that’s love. Continue reading “Opposition to Gay Marriage: Bigotry, or Love?”

The Human Face, and Abortion

Archbishop Samuel Aquila has written an interesting piece on Catholic attitudes toward women who have had abortion, in which he says he was surprised to learn that not all Catholics have, shall we say, a merciful attitude. He writes about the mercy of God toward those who repent, and mentions the sinful woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears.

I’d like to add something else I’ve noticed: a tendency to treat abortion as solely the problem, and therefore solely the guilt, of the woman who has the abortion. The fact of the matter is many are involved, including the culture, and most women, especially young women, really don’t understand what they’re doing until much later. They know nothing of the facts of unborn life, abortion is readily available, and they are encouraged to seek it.

As an example, here’s a common story from a woman I know who had repeat abortions when young: she grew up in a culture where she received little moral formation, because her parents, though kinda sorta Christian, weren’t regular church-going types. Her culture taught her that sex is natural, everyone does it, and it’s healthy to do it. Young people who had not “yet” had sex were looked down on, and everyone she knew was trying lose their virginity. Continue reading “The Human Face, and Abortion”

When Bad Things Happen: Feel the Pain of it, and Let it be Penance

armenian-genocide-film-pictureEight men crucified in Syria for converting from Islam to Christianity (the photo is an illustration from a documentary about the 1915 Armenian Christian genocide, as the real photos are too ugly for me to put here). It is so awful, sadistic, brutal. How do we Christians respond? Continue reading “When Bad Things Happen: Feel the Pain of it, and Let it be Penance”

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